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The company

Construction of sophisticated custom machines

Construction of custom machines is our core business. Our experience extends from the development of individual machines and items of equipment to highly automated applications and entire production lines. Our strengths lie in areas in which off-the-peg solutions are not possible. We develop and manufacture turnkey, custom machines for the efficient automation of production, produce new concepts, and optimize existing processes.

Our particular skills

Badertec’s engineers can call upon a wealth of experience. Our background has also enabled us to build up competence in the specific areas of assembly technology, particularly screw and nut driving technology and handling systems.

This development has been conducive to the creation of a number of standard products that complement our custom machine construction services.


Custom machines from our production facility

The extensive vertical range of manufacture in our production facility puts the quality of our manufacturing operations firmly under our control. The engineer responsible for the project is always present during pre-assembly. This enables us to meet the highest QA standards in our production operations and continuously optimize our concepts for the construction of sophisticated custom machines.