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Each Badertec GmbH product has its own particular history. Since our engineers generally work on project-specific solutions, each job entails new tasks. These in turn generate successful ideas, which not infrequently lead to new standard products being developed.

Demand is undisputedly the second important source of inspiration. We notice that customers often have a particular request, and think: Why not put that into series production?

Handling equipment

Our particular focus lies upon handling systems and equipment. In recent years, we have developed numerous manipulators and handling applications at our development and production site in Bochum:

  • Power grippers
  • Shape grippers
  • Vacuum systems

And many other types of manipulator besides.

We have standardized some of our systems, developed them for series production and added them to our product range. 


Screw and nut driving technology

Screw and nut driving technology has a special place in our company’s history: when the company was founded, the focus of its activities lay upon this demanding technical field. Badertec screw and nut driving applications can now be found in numerous production facilities of prestigious industrial companies in Germany and throughout Europe:

  • Wheel nut drivers
  • U-bolt nut drivers
  • Automated and manually guided drivers for a variety of applications in the most diverse of industrial fields

Our team follows the motto: “Grow your strengths”, by continuously developing and manufacturing new screw and nut driving technology. In our projects, we use our own standard products such as:

  • Torque arms
  • Articulated arm manipulators
  • Socket magazines

We can also supply these products to order.

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