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Parallel articulated arm manipulator

The articulated arm – a versatile manipulator

Articulated arm manipulators encompass a broad family of handling systems which can be classified according to the drive, working radius, load capacity and moment load. The form of mounting – floor mounted, ceiling mounted, mobile or stationary – introduces further variety into the range of products available on the market.

For many years, Badertec GmbH has developed and manufactured different types of articulated arm manipulators for different project requirements.

The parallel articulated arm manipulator is a popular solution that has now become a standard product in our range.



Badertec GmbH’s parallel articulated arm is a pneumatic, manually guided manipulator. Our objective during development of this manipulator system was to create a highly ergonomic device for handling industrial loads and high torques.

The result has satisfied not only our engineers, but also numerous customers in industry.

The articulated arm manipulator is capable of handling loads of up to 75 kg. The arm’s vertical and horizontal axes handle torques of up to 1,000 Nm with ease. The manipulator also copes with the movement of eccentric loads, safely and without oscillation.


Sophisticated design delivers excellent ergonomics    

Operation of the manipulator requires little physical effort, even when heavy loads are being handled. Pneumatic assistance enables loads to be moved smoothly and positioned precisely.

Parallel alignment of the hand flange is ensured by a compression strut. A pneumatic cylinder on the lower arm of the manipulator supports the vertical movement. The pneumatic control cabinet is located on the pillar of the manipulator.

To improve ergonomics for the operator even further, our engineers have thoroughly optimized control of the system and have not compromised on the mountings of the articulated arm.

Handling of screw and nut drivers

Articulated arm manipulators are widely used in screw and nut driving applications. The challenge is that of handling the load and the torque ergonomically, safely and with efficient use of space.

The Badertec articulated arm can be used for individual screw and nut drivers and also for multi-spindle systems.

A special safety brake for holding torques controls the arm automatically when the driver is started.