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Custom machines

Our specialism is the construction of custom machines, tailored to customers’ projects

Project-based development of screw and nut driving solutions

Our developments reflect our passion for screw and nut driving applications


Beyond mere handling

Standardized solutions

Our products are based on our own tested and proven developments

Cost-conscious design

Modern design and manufacturing tools can be used to create any conceivable machine or system. Not every design is economical, however. To us, an elegant technical solution is one that is economical, besides being fit for purpose.

Professional project management

Whatever the project, it needs a project manager. Internal project handling and external communication with the customer both require a person with overall responsibility – a designated contact who is competent and fully briefed.

Vertical range of manufacture

Companies can strengthen their control over projects only by extending their vertical range of manufacture. Manufacturing in house has huge advantages, particularly for critical parts. This is something that both we and our customers appreciate. Our vertical range of manufacture is as high as 75%.